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Natural Brand Design   |   Holistic Marketing

T.G Agency

Natural Brand Design  |  Holistic Marketing

Natural Brand Design & Holistic Marketing Services


Create or revitalize the digital presence and branding for your business!  Grow your reach through social media, digital, and creative marketing.  Use a method that is unique to T.G Agency, and informed by diverse and complementing frameworks of archetypes, culture, and transmedia. Our mission is to design the most resonant branding and communications strategy, which is in harmony with your needs.

T.G Agency offers tools, services, and networks to support all aspects of establishing the presence for your business or personal brand.  All services can be tailored according to your project and specific needs.  Send a message here, and tell us about your practice!

We work together with other consultants and freelance specialists to create the best expression of your brand.



Align your brand with the heart of your business.






Services available include _

Branding and Personal Positioning

Visual Design Elements

Logo and GIF Creation



Website Design

Digital Marketing Solutions


Social Media Management and Marketing

Community Engagement

Business Development

Network Matchmaking



Energy Work


Services are inspired for _

Sustainably Minded Entrepreneurs

Freelancing Professionals


Yoga Instructors and Studios

Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Craftsmen and Women

Therapy Workers and Clinics

Energy Work Practitioners and Centers

Organic Farms and Products

Customer-Centric Businesses

Anyone or business looking to position themselves to extend their ability to make the world a better place!


Let’s have a chat about what your business is about and what you’re looking to do.

If you’re a freelancer and have an interest in offering any of your services let’s connect!